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Sublimation is the number 1 choice for custom sports apparel.

We get the questions every day, from many people “What is sublimation printing? Why choose to sublimate instead of screen print or transfer print”? “What is sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of pressing ink IN a fabric using weight and heat. The images and graphics are printed on special sublimation paper. We place the papers on the fabric than we feed it through a heat press. The heatpress presses the ink with force and heat IN the fabric. The result is the fabric is still very breathable and soft. PLUS the printed artwork can never crack, fade, tear or even worse come off! You can wash sportswear sublimated by Sublimatix time after time after time. We know stories of sportswear lasting 15 years! 

Sublimatix uses only the best machines and materials. Thats why our sportswear looks Awesome, with strong and bright colors that scream: Look at Me, i Look Awesome!

Most important ingredient for top quality sublimation fabrics is the fabric. 

Sublimatix uses a revolutionary fabric which performance is so extreme we call it: Xtreme Performance. Xtreme Performance is made from recycled coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles. A patented washing makes sure the fabric can never stink of Sweat, what about that!

Xtreme Performance is the best sustainable functional fabric ever made according to many topsporters. Even the New York marathon is won in it! Xtreme Performance is:

  • antibacterial
  • breathing
  • cooling
  • comfortable
  • dryFAST
  • environmental friendly
  • lightweight
  • odor free
  • Perfect fit 
  • sustainable
  • sweat wicking
  • UV resistant

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